237.130 A1 Week 2 TASK 1 – Importance of Context

This is a response to the reading by Ruszkiewicz, et al. “Reading Texts”. Beyond Words: Cultural Texts for Reading and Writing. 3rd Edition. Boston: Pearson, c2012. 9-39. Print.

Context is a key part of what we use to analyse and criticise anything we see. As said in the reading, “Context is nothing more nor less than the who, what, where, when and why that surround every word, image, or artefact” (Ruszkiewicz, et al. 32). Context is essentially the conditions that forged the product, and they effect the whole of the work, from the target audience, the intention and the appearance of the final product. The reading also suggests that, “uncovering the context of a work breathes new life into it” (Ruszkiewicz, et al. 32). I think this is very true for any work, in that art can only be so interesting at face value; once you start to look at the who behind it, and the why and, ultimately, the feelings and thoughts surrounding the artwork, you get to the true meaning of creating art. Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother photograph is nothing without the knowledge of how desperate her situation was at the time of the Great Depression. Context also allows us to bring our own personal context to our reading of the text and makes the viewing and analysing process a unique one.


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