237.130 Week 4 TASK 3A – Reading Response

This is in response to Mirzoeff, Nicholas. Chapter 6, ‘The Changing World’ (211-252)How to See the World. London, Pelican. 2015. Print.

What is Mirzoeff asking me to think about?

I think Mirzoeff writes not to express his own opinion or thoughts, but to make the reader think about relationships between different things, and how this effects our  world, and our viewing of it. This chapter is asking us to think about the changing world, and how it is being affected by a changing climate. He talks a lot about human actions and how they have effected climate change and, in turn, how climate change will effect our way of life. He refers to artists and others who are talking about this issue and how this shapes our understanding of what is happening, or using these visual texts as means of understanding the changing climate.

Do you think it might be important we know about this? Explain why. 

I think climate change is one of the most important issues that will arise within my lifetime, and the lasting effects if we do not take action will be unavoidable for me. Knowledge is key in understanding, and often art can be used as a bounce board for discussions about things like climate change – the more people that are educated and willing to do something the better.

What visual text within the chapter best exemplifies my understanding of Mirzoeff’s ideas? Explain why. 


I think this map or visualization of the cause/effect correlation of climate change is the best example of why this topic is so important. It shows an opposite relationship between the countries who emit the most CO2 (top map) and the countries that will suffer the most losses of human life (bottom map). What resonated with me the most in this chapter is the idea that climate change will effect the poorest people within the countries that mostly have the least contributions to emissions, while the elite within their countries, and the countries that have been doing all the damage get away relatively well.


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