237.130 Week 4 TASK 4B – Image Selection

Relevant Images from Reading (Mirzoeff’s Examples):

Monet, Claude. Impression: Sun Rising 1872. Oil on Canvas. 48cm x 63cm

I think this photo represents well a key point that Mirzoeff makes about beauty as the aesthetic and art as the anaesthetic, and how those are linked. Can also draw similarities between this image and the photographs by Richard Misrach; the hazy polluted backgrounds containing the sources of pollution (smoke stacks) contrasted against the natural environment.

Untitled, Sammy Baloji, 2006, Digital C Print

I generally like this image a lot; it’s made by a Congolese person about the colonisation of the Congo. It says a lot about the adverse effects that the conquest of nature has had on disadvantaged nations, as well as the effects impending climate change will have on these nations forced into this negative relationship to nature. I see the character in the image to be  sort of representation of the struggle between the consequences of colonialism and slavery and how they will effect the country now.


My Image Choices:

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.29.10 pm.png
Kowalski, Kacper. ‘Rising Above China’, Wuming, Guangxi Zhuang, China. Stone pits cut away into the mountainous area of Wuming near Nanning. 

A simple, documentary-style aerial photograph of a stone mine in China. Although stone mines are not pollutants, it’s still about this conquest over nature and our treatment of nature, as well as the Anthropocene: How long would it have taken this mine to destroy this much of the mountain? How long until the mountain no longer exists?

Misrach, Richard. Roadside Vegetation and Orion Refining Corporation, Good Hope, Louisiana, 1998.

Richard Misrach’s extensive ‘Cancer Alley’ project shows the effects of pollution on the poorer parts of Louisiana. The 150-mile stretch along the Mississippi known as the Cancer Alley is famously polluted and has high incidences of cancer in the area. Once again, a good example of how the poor will reap the consequences. It’s also a nice parallel with Monet’s Impression: Sun Rising.


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