237.130 Week 5 TASK 3 – Essay Topic Research


This process helped refine my essay topic in that I now know what concerns/talking points this image relates to, and how it can aid my purpose. I’ve also related the image to specific Mirzoeff quotes or other points of research to begin thinking about how I will integrate it into my essay.

In researching the context of visual texts it is important to consider the following: artist’s reasoning, why they created the series; artist’s background, place and date of birth, race, societal standing; intended audience and how they received the work; the intended medium of the work; the intended meaning of interpretation of the art; the events surrounding or leading up to the artwork; historical and artistic influences; the composition in relation to the purpose. Everything that has gone into creating, framing and refining the ideas and the artwork.

I think picking apart an artwork and they way it was thought out and composed is key for any artist or designer to apply to their own work. Often it’s easy to get sucked in and stop seeing your own artwork subjectively, and undertaking these kinds of processes allows you to pick apart your own work and assess its value and relevance.


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