237.130 Week 6 TASK 3 – Ideology

Define Ideology

Ideology is the ideas (often subconscious) behind actions, social arrangements, images, social movements, relationships, and almost everything we encounter in everyday life. Ideology can be subtle, and influence the way power relationships work within society, or the way the composition of an image is arranged. Ideologies can be used to subtly control or suggest, or it can be used to spark thought or change.

Ideology in Visual Text

Eliasson, Olafur. Your Waste of Time.  Neugerriemschneider, Berlin. Photograph of installation. 2006.

I think Olafur Eliasson doesn’t so much play into ideologies as play against, or question them. One of the ideologies that I recognized could be at play is the human idea that nature will always be there to sustain us, and that climate change won’t touch us, so long as we ignore it. This ideology is apparent in that our actions do not reflect a true fear of the impending climate change, particularly rising sea levels due to ice caps melting. In placing ice fragments in this environment, and showing that these old, old things can in fact melt, and that they can be affected by human actions. \


I think in being forced to think about how the visual text relates to ideology, I uncovered new meaning about the work. I will definitely use the new insights into the image, and relate it back to ideology.


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