237.130 Week 6 TASK 4 – Video Responses

This is in response to the video The Land Owns Us. https://youtu.be/w0sWIVR1hXw

Bob Randall, native of Uluru, talks firstly about being part of the stolen generation, and having his cultural rights removed as part of the conquest of indigenous peoples in Australia, a bid to assimilate the natives. He then addresses the aborigine way of living with the land, as apart of the land, rather than as owner of the land. They believe in a connection or family in all things. He says “the land owns us” (Randall 2:40). For me, this is an interesting parallel to the way I’ve been brought up to value things, and land, but I also come from a culture with the same values and concepts. It makes me wonder about the role these concepts had, and the differences between European and Indigenous concepts of land ownership and rights, in the conquest of nature and the conquest of indigenous peoples (which are integrally linked). This is a point I am particularly interested in raising in my essay, and I think it’s an important thing to consider. For too long the world has worked on these dominant ideologies about ownership, but they’ve gotten us into hot water, as a result of the conquest of nature. Maybe it’s time to rethink these concepts, and artists and designers can be the ones to re frame that conversation.


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