Week 6 Reflection on Learning

I think so far, the most interesting aspect of this paper has been the concept of ideology and the way it has influenced art and social practices, as well as being able to incorporate the views of indigenous studies into my A2 question.

I enjoy the blogging method in this paper, as it allows me to collate the information in a good, organised way, as well as keeping a workbook with my notes. I think these methods and the mind-map has allowed me to keep organised while gathering large amounts of source material. I also think the tasks have forced me to think about things a bit more, and record my thoughts about them which I can come back to in my writing later, though sometimes the thoughts aren’t of great quality. Often I can’t be bothered and my blog posts suffer, but mostly they’re OK.

Blogging has changed the way I work. Before, i never used a computer to collate information, only workbooks. But I think combining the two is a good middle-ground that allows great organisation. Also researching climate change has forced me to become very aware of the effects me and the people around me have had on the environment, and my actions after this. I’ve become more knowledgable about a number of concepts and ways of thinking, especially.

I think the aspects of thinking critically and the working methods I have had to use, like researching and blogging, will be useful in all aspects of life, and the way I have learnt to look at visual texts will inform my opinions better and aid my art practice.

Although i have difficulty with this paper, and it is a definite love/hate relationship, it can be interesting and is definitely relevant and necessary to becoming an informed, well-learned member of the art world.


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