237.130 Week 8 Task 1 – Tool Kit

Skills I have learned over the course of this assignment:

Plannning and Preparation

  • It’s essential to understand the question, and form a thesis statement early on, then stick with it.
  • Mind maps are a great way to form correlations between ideas and add on to paragraph plans.
  • Speaking to other people about how they interpreted the question is also useful to question whether the way I’m answering the question is eloquent.

Writing Skills

  • I’ve learnt that making drafts, waiting and then making changes is essential, and I always make better changes after letting it sit.
  • I’ve learnt to write an introduction better, introducing a thesis statement, all my points and my purpose, and not using quotes or citations.
  • Using topic sentences and structure to make sure I don’t go on tangents.

Content and Visual Text Analysis Tools

  • The readings and tasks around analysing visual texts helped to give me some starting points when I’m trying to analyse a visual text, and get more depth out of it.
  • Deeply analysing a visual text is key to understanding it, and being able to make good points about it.
  • Critically evaluating texts also is useful in discerning what ideologies or perspectives are influencing a work, and therefore knowing whether it is universal or a local belief, and whether it is “true” or not.

Research and Information Gathering Tools and Protocols

  • I’ve learnt to properly MLA Reference, and do in-text citations.
  • How to use Google Scholar and the Massey online library to find more reliable sources in books and journals.
  • Having a solid thesis statement before starting research is key to researching relevant information and saving time.



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