237.130Week 7 TASK 2 – World Views

Ideology is essentially the ideas that underpin the way societies are run and organized. Ideologies are essential in shaping worldview of an individual or collective group: we use our experiences of media, and social relationships to shape how we view these aspects in different contexts. In the context of a visual text, ‘worldview’ and ‘ideology’ affect our construction and viewing of texts differently. In terms of photography, ideology and worldview can directly affect what the photographer chooses to photograph. Upon viewing the photograph, each viewer will apply their own worldviews and ideologies to their viewing of the image, which will affect how truthful they see the image as being, or how they perceive it. This is called ‘the myth of the photographic truth’; a common perception held by many that assumes that the photograph is a true representation of real-world events. But that can’t be true when the conception of a photograph is influenced so heavily by the photographer, and perceived so differently by each viewer. When evaluating a photograph this is an important point to remember as it shapes the way photographs are used in media to portray truthfulness.


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