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Illustrates the imbalanced relationship between the wealthy (Western?) world, and the impoverished underdeveloped world. While one group is starving, the other is undernourished and overweight.yin-yang-of-world-hunger_final-net.jpg











Evans, Hugh. What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?. TED 2016. Web.  https://www.ted.com/talks/hugh_evans_what_does_it_mean_to_be_a_citizen_of_the_world?language=en

Being a global citizen is essentially thinking outside of your own sphere – thinking globally. It requires thinking about how the world is connected and how we can act to change it. It is a way of thinking that can change the world. 

Stuart, Tristram. The Global Food Waste Scandal. TED 2012. Web. https://www.ted.com/talks/tristram_stuart_the_global_food_waste_scandal

Surely, there is something more sensible to do with food than waste it.”


The black line on the graph is Tristam Stuart’s estimated optimal amount of food available within each country. Above this can be said to be “surplus”. Almost every country in the world falls above this line. 


When you include the crops fed to lviestock, most countries have between 3-4 times the amount of food they need to feed themselves. 
“The fact is, we have an enormous buffer in rich countries between ourselves and hunger. W’eve never had such gargantuan surpluses before.”
“We are reaching the ecological limits that our planet can bear.”\
“When we chop down forests as we are every day, to grow more and more food, when we extract water from depleting water reserves, when we emit fossil fuel emissions in the quest to grow more and more food, and throw away so much of it… We need to start thinking about what we can be saving.”

-Why do supermarkets, restaurants, farms throw so much out? Our society revolves around money. When there is no profit to be made, food is wasted.



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