237.130 Week 10 – Glossary

Visual Activism is a form of activism that employs visual culture to create and disseminate artworks, and incite change. It requires an audience that is adept at analysing images, and sharing them.

Global Citizenship is the notion that the individual is apart of a greater whole, and that all issues are interconnected and important. It requires a change in thinking that is passionate and caring about the rest of the world.

Change Agents make people think. It could be artworks, people, organisations, movements, etc. They cause a change in thinking, and hopefully incite action.

Cultural Critics are people that are able to see the injustices or ideologies working within our society, and comment on them. Cultural critics can be anyone, and in any form. It just requires looking at things subjectively and questioning your worldview.

Protest is contesting something that is happening or present. It means questioning the ethics behind something, and taking action against it, in whatever form that may take.

Resistance is a form of protest. To resist is to say that something is unwanted, and taking action to change that.



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