237.130 Week 9 – Concept Proposal

For my project I intend to look at the problem of food and resource management in the face of climate change and world hunger. This encompasses the potential of drought with coming climate change, and the amount of water and resources used to produce meat for wealthy countries, as well as the amount of surplus food being wasted in wealthy countries. I would like to challenge the idea that we are going to face a world food shortage, when the solution is right in front us: stop wasting so much food. This solution, though, requires a lot more research and change in the way wealthy countries think. Doing this requires becoming a global citizen. Mirzoeff highlights that this requires thinking about things globally. This video is also a good way to think about global citizenship, and about how key changing thinking and taking action is:

Another video I found on TED was this talk by Tristam Stuart about the global food waste scandal and the ways we can change our thinking.

As well as this, there are issues regarding the monopolization of agriculture, and how that is affecting the growth of food in underdeveloped countries, and the controversy around GMOs. This topic is really important to me because thinking globally has made me realise that wealthy countries’ actions have had an adverse effect on climate change, the effects of which poor countries will feel the most. It’s not fair.




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