237.130 Week 11 – Publishable Blog Post

What do I want to say?

Being a global citizen means an awareness and care for issues and being able to see wider implications for everyone, as well as different points of view. In terms of my project, the purpose is to make people aware of the effects of their own small, seemingly insignificant actions on the lives of others.

Wealthy nations need to curb the amount of food being wasted after production – within supermarkets and in the home. We need to be able to feed 9 billion people by 2050 and this will be possible if we can curb waste at all points in the production process. GMOs cannot fix all of our problems and theres a simpler fix. At the moment, around 25-50% of all food is wasted, globally. We do not need to produce more, but waste less to feed more.

Why do we have such an imbalance? US imports 400% of necessary amount of food and wastes around 30-40% of that, while 795 million people remain hungry.

Use of sculpture – makes the audience think about symbolism of objects within the piece. Use Michael parekowhai as an example – ambiguous and grand approach to which the viewer brings their own experiences and eyes. Makes people think.


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