237.130 A1 Week 1 TASK 1 – About Me


Hi, my name’s Haileigh. I was born in 1998 in Wellington Hospital. I love photography and design, and love to watch TV. I am a drawer, painter and photographer, but I’m majoring in 24322688904_3cf5816f27_oPhotography, hopefully with a minor or diploma in Journalism. In kindergarten I liked to draw detailed jean pockets on my stick people and so started my artistic career. I think my love for photography came later; I love to just sit for hours looking through photos from my childhood. I think a photo is the best way to capture human emotion in an artistic and documentary way, and looking through photos makes me supremely happy. Photos can make you cry, laugh, give you nostalgia, embarrass you, scare you, because photography captures who we are. The reason I love photography is because it is an exploration of human emotion and behavior and that will always be interesting to me. Almost all of my favourite photos follow this idea, mainly documentary photography or in some way anthropological. Here are some works that inspire me, and describe my subject interest:

Hazardous Waste Containment Site, Dow Chemical Corporation, Plaquemine, Louisiana 1998 by Richard Misrach


Tanya Habjouqa. West Bank: Portrait of a young man. From the series Occupied Pleasures. Habjouqa.photoshelter.com



Rooftop 04 EG.jpg
Greg Girard. “Children playing on Walled City rooftop”. 1989.


Goran Tomasevic. Photograph. World Press Photo Exhibition 2014. 


I like photography that explores an area of human behaviour, sometimes war like Tomasevic, or the way (and where) we live like Girard and Misrach, or strange human behaviour as in Habjouqa’s photographs. I like photography that makes you think, question, look closer, feel happy or sad or excited. I like to look at photographs that describe a little bit about human nature.