237.130 A1 Week 3 TASK 2- Reading Response

This is a response to¬†“Critical Thinking.” Beginning University: Thinking, Researching and Writing for Success, by Andrew Wallace, Tony Schirato, and Phillippa Bright. St Leonards, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin, 1999. 45-61. Print.

Personal Response

I think the points the authors make about critical thinking and about university itself are really key to remember when you’re in the situation. Often, I find myself wondering what the point of this whole paper is, but I guess it’s all about critical thinking, and stimulating different ways of seeing, thinking, and making judgements. It’s easy to just get lost in the task and just read it, then write about it without really taking a second to think about the greater context and importance of what you’re analysing or thinking critically about why you are doing it. But critical thinking and lateral thinking allows us to broaden our options and think of different ways of doing things, and that will always be an extremely necessary tool in art making.

The Authors’ Voice

The authors’ voice in this passage is quite different to most of the other readings in that it has a much more formal, academic tone. It makes use of specific vocabulary that gives the writing credibility and formality, and the sentences are well structured. For example, the sentence, “Knowledge and behaviour tends to be organised in ways appropriate to some dominant paradigm.” (Wallace, Schirato, Bright 48). It sounds academic, and it sounds knowledgable. The authors also make use of the pronouns ‘you’, and ‘we’, and reference the the audience and themselves as apart of the same group. It allows the piece to be relatable while still holding a formal tone, and almost giving advice. I think this piece was well written, it wasn’t difficult but it challenged me to think about what I was reading, and analyse what the authors may mean. I think it gives a lot of insight into the purpose of this paper, and also a reminder to always be thinking broader, and trying to challenge myself.