237.130 A1 Week 2 TASK 4 -Visual Text Analysis

This is a Smirnoff Billboard seen on Cuba St.

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Smirnoff ‘We See #Purepotential’ Campaign. Cuba Mall. 2016

At first, it’s a very impactful image in terms of its design elements. It feels very now, and current and uses a simple white background and a single focal point to simplify its ideas and intent. The focal point is the fruit in the glass and its quite interesting in its use of space; the fruit seems squished in, yet balancing on top of each other precariously with the glass framing them, encapsulating the objects. The colour is especially interesting to me and the reason I chose this text, I think the colour of the passionfruit and the peach is great and is a selling point in itself to see such vibrant, fresh flavours; it’s enticing. It’s quite emotive of summer, and feels fun. Then in the right hand corner there’s some subtle branding. This continues the simplicity of the image, in that there’s only one sentence and a simple image that eloquently conveys the brand, Smirnoff. The type is in the brand’s iconic red, and says simply “WE SEE #PUREPOTENTIAL”.  This says a lot about what the image is suggesting, it’s simple and yet it speaks of something more, something to come, something to be enjoyed.

The ad is apart of a large campaign designed by Special Group, a New Zealand based design and marketing agency, and is part of this series that takes fresh, raw ingredients and positions them inside and around cups and suggests ‘potential’:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.28.32 pm

They all make use of vibrant colour and simplicity, and I think are very effective. On their website, Special Group has a blurb about the campaign that gives a lot of background context to the ideas. They say, “Smirnoff is the world’s biggest selling Vodka brand, but it needs to maintain its relevance to the younger drinker. We were tasked with creating a campaign platform that positioned Smirnoff as the catalyst for amazing social times.” I think this really speaks to a younger generation, with more contemporary design feel, and the use of an Instagram campaign to go along with the billboards, and create an interactive experience.